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Welcome to the Smith Home Page! We are descendants of Joseph Smith
whom married Tabitha Asbury both born in VA in the late 1700's.
This Smith  family covers several states such as VA, MO, and OK.


Little is known about my great great grandparents, Robert Smith and
 Nannie J. (?) Smith. Both are buried in OK. Nannie did have a child before her
marriage to Robert. Robert and Nannie had only two sons. All of Nannie's children
were born ten years apart. If you are a cousin and would like us to include your
information please contact one of us.


In Loving Memory of Rayford & Joyce Newman


The following are the surnames related to our Smith  family that I know of  so far.

I am sure there will be  many more and I will add them as I get the information.

If you find a link or have any questions please contact me.

Carson Cole Collins Gerteman Gillispie Grabest Harwell Lesley Metheney Molloy
Norvell Pittaway Rentfrow Sankey Sayers Smith Stapelton Wright Young  


Thank you Neil for all your help and support in creating these pages !!

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