Welcome to the Harwell Home Page! We are descendants of  Samuel Harwell.
This Harwell  family covers several states and so far goes back to
about 1710 in Virginia. My great great grandparents were Merritt Birdsong and
Sarah P (Tarpley) Harwell both of which were born in Giles County,Tennesee.


As with most genealogy projects I am still searching for proof on several people
in this line. Please do not take this information as hard proof! I will document it
as time and proof permit. If you are a cousin and would like me to include your
information please contact me. I always enjoy meeting new cousins!




The following are the surnames related to our family that I have input so far.

As more are found or documented I will input and upload them.

Cole Fuston Harwell Malone
Stapleton Tarpley Trees Tune


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Thank you to my grandparents for all the help and photographs!

Thank you to Sarah for all the wonderful support and Tarpley information!