Lawrence Family Photo's



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Front Row/L-R: Amanda Lawrence Phillips(possibly), Leva Lawrence Boatman, Monia Lawrence Harwell
Back Row/L-R: Lettie Lawrence Moulder (possibly), Unknown, Lester (maybe), Unknown, Unknown, and Ruth?

The photo states these are 9 cousins.

L-R: Leva Lawrence Boatman, Opal Dunn, Jim Renick, Hansel Thomas, Rodney Cox, Sue Pullium?, Venus(maybe) Cox Rector, and Preston Cox

These are the names on back but how are they related to the Kentucky Lawrence's?


Lawrence Reunion Can You ID?

Jeff & Carl Lawrence brother to Monia W. Lawrence (Payne 1st Harwell 2nd)

Dan & Margaret Boatman
Husband and child of Leva Lawrence Boatman



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